Masters of The World: Geopolitical Simulator 3

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Masters of The World: Geopolitical Simulator 3

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Discover the industry standard for geopolitical simulation of today's

In Masters of the World, the third incarnation of Geopolitical
Simulator, play as the head of state of one or more countries and
expand your influence across the globe.

A totally unique simulation engine
The game engine, Geopolitical Simulator 3, includes over 600 data
elements for each of the 175 playable countries and calculates their
changes in real time throughout the game based on players' actions.
Some examples include popularity ratings, political relations, and
economic exchanges between countries. Various organizations, including
NATO, use the technologies in the Masters of the World simulator for
education and training.

Over one thousand playable actions.At the country's helm, the
player/head of state can act in many areas: budget, taxation (nearly
thirty types of taxes), currency, economy (over 130 economic
activities), foreign and domestic affairs, defense, society, labor,
health, social security, education, environment, transportation,
culture, and more.

For each of these areas, numerous laws can be proposed and must be
voted on by the Parliament in order to pass. For example: setting
social welfare benefit minimums, changing the retirement age,
developing atomic weapons in secret, subsidizing the auto industry,
hiring teachers, defining the powers of unions, setting speed limits
on roads, regulating prostitution, creating an international film
festival, etc. he player can also construct elements on the world
map, which will change accordingly: nuclear plants, wind farms,
military bases, pipelines, high-speed train lines, airports, and
many more.

Every action has its consequences. Lobbies, social groups, and leading
national and international figures will intervene if their artificial
intelligence finds it necessary to do so (interviews with the press,
resignations, protests, strikes, roadblocks, wars...). To prevent
tension, the player can meet with any figure, or address the media
(over 8 hours of dialog in the game).

Thanks to its intelligence services, the player also has an entire
arsenal of spies and special ops. For example, he or she can - at
his or her own risk - reveal scandals about another political party,
dismantle terrorist networks, sabotage a foreign infrastructure, have
an opponent assassinated, etc. As the head of the military, the player
can move all of his or her units around the map from their actual bases
during military conflicts.

International organizations (over 50 organizations included) play an
important role. At the UN, for example, the player can denounce a
nation in order to obtain the Security Council's authorization for
a military intervention. The player can also create his or her own
organization.Lastly, in order to stay in power, he or she must actively
campaign to make sure he or she is elected.

Playable scenarios
Twenty or so scenarios are included in the game, such as American
Fiscal Cliff, Israel-Iran Escalation, Organization of Rice
Exporting Countries, European Budgetary Golden Rule, Building
South American Pipelines, African Economic Boom, Third World War,
Triple A, and Famine in Southern Sudan. .

Multiple integrated options
Multi country mode to play several countries at the same time
Network multiplayer mode
Game settings: terrorist activities, natural disaster probabilities,
reactivity of the people, war triggering
Real-time online player ranking

Integration of your own photos, logos, and names to make the game even
more realistic

Interactive tutorial and constantly accessible help during the game

Have fun learning geopolitics with the QUIZ mode, which has over 3000

With the Modding Tool extension, an add-on that can be purchased on
this website, players can create and share their own geopolitical and
economic universes and download other users' creations
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